Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Austria - Day Two

Update...more pictures...

A war memorial in a small town, to its dead...something to think about.

An "Energy Cabin" that supplies heat and hot water to a hotel in the same town...church in background with nice bells.

Some of the local cuisine...goot but very expensive.

The interior of the beautiful wood building which was built to serve as the headquarters of the Austrian Forestry Corporation.

Well, still no way to uplöad pictures, yet, because I'm still working from hotel computers. We're in Gleisdorf now, somewhere south of Vienna. Got here at about 1 AM last night, after a beautiful train ride through the mountains. Could see some glaciers up on the mountains, and the scenery was pretty close to Sound of Music, singing on the mountain meadows. We're nowhere near Salzburg, but the scenery is still pretty nice.

We're on our way to vistit a cömpany called Energy Cabins, where they make self-contained cabins that are pre-manufactured and then installed on a site, next to your home, or school, or hotel. These cabins contain wood or pellet boilers, and water tanks, and have solar panels on the side. Pretty neat way to become self-sufficient on energy, but a little expensive to get into. But the way energy prices are going, they look like a pretty good concept.

I'm one of the three drivers for the next four days. Driving a nine-passenger VW van. It's pretty nice, fun to drive because it is a stick shift. Can't read any of the signs, they all say stuff like SWEINERVEGGANKLESTERMEISTER NEICHT, so I just follow the traffic and let God take care of the rest. Speaking of which, I'm being paged to go, so may the Lord go with you today, even as he guides my little bus around.

Sir C


  1. Here#s a link to the hotel we stayed in last night....


  2. Is that one of your favorite things?

    Sir Jason

  3. Yumm. The food in Austria makes me want to go there.

    Sir John, the envious