Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Austria - Final Day

Well, it just didn't work out like I hoped. We stayed on such a tight schedule, and the internet access was limited to hotel lobbys, so I just couldn't keep up.

But a whirlwind review would go like this...we saw five different biomass energy projects and three different forests. I rode a train through some beautiful mountains, and drove a VW van all over southeastern Austria, with one of the passengers commenting everytime I missed a shift or revved a little higher than he preferred. Had several meetings with Austrians where the toughest thing was to interpret their English and getting them to understand our questions. Had a wine tasting party at a vineyard on the slopes of a beautiful valley, where we could gaze across the former iron curtain at a Hungarian town up the road. Actually crossed the >Iron Curtain at one point where the forest road we were traveling turned right at a stone marker, and the group got out and wondered how in the world the secluded area we were in ever was well-traveled by border guards walking barb-wire. Listened to a forestry lecture one day in a poüring rain. Got lost one night, arriving at the town at 11 pm, where our hosts had been having a party for us since 6...they were in a good mood.

Drank more beer in 10 days than I will in the next 2 years (Austrians drink beer with every meal except breakfast), and watched the Austrian vs. Germany football match in a püblic square in front of the Imperial Palace, on a giant screen with 100,000 singing Austrians and Germans (the Germans won.) Viewed Rembrandts, Monets, and Raphaels till my eyes glazed over. Ate about a dozen long frankfurters with my fingers, dipping them in a mound of mustard, because they don#t use hotdog buns here. Rode a boat on the Rhine, and attended mass Sunday morning in St. Stephens cathedral in the center of Vienna. I suppose there was more, but I have to go stumble to the subway to get out to the airport. Oh , yeah, got a lot of work done, too.

I post some pictures and a couple of videos tommorrow when I get back to my office.

Auf Weitersehn!

Sir Charles


  1. Hey you called it football, it's SOCCER! American Football is the only true football.

    Sir Jason

  2. Oh, you arrogant American pig! Don't you know that true football must be slow, boring, and filled with skinny guys who over-act every time they get bumped or kicked in the shin?


  3. Besides the point of soccer is to have a nationalistic brawl. After all, as war has become rather a drain on resources, Europeans need some way to kill each other.

    Sir Jason