Thursday, September 11, 2008

Praying for Protection from Ike

Here's a nice video illustrating some Houstonians' faith in the power of prayer. Would love to be at their next service to hear the testimonies!

In the meantime, dear Lord, keep them out of harm's way!

Sir Charles


  1. All boarded up here in Kirbyville waiting and praying. Maybe if the power is out for a week or so, I can catch up on some bible study. Want to reread Colson's the Faith. Good stuff if you haven't read it.

    sir don.....
    Knight of the Golden Horseshoe

  2. Keep your head down, Don! Guess you have the house all boarded up?

    Let us know if we need to UPS some water to you...and we'll pray for you, and with, tonight.

    Sir C