Thursday, January 20, 2011

God's in Georgia, too!

The last few days we've been in Georgia, attending our oldest son's graduation from Army boot camp. Charlie is a soldier now, and headed off to train to become a combat medic. I trust that God has a purpose in that and that Charlie will be used by the Lord in that role.

As the graduation ceremony ended, and we were exiting the viewing stands to the parade ground, an officer with his family left their seats and started down the aisle next to me. He happened to notice my Steelers cap and commented on it, and told me that he was from the Lancaster area. He also happened to mention that he was the company chaplain, and we had a nice little chat. Charlie had said some surprisingly nice things about the church services here and that the chaplain was really a good guy. My conversation with him confirmed that. He told me that an Army chaplain's approach is necessarily a "holistic" approach to spirituality. Although that could mean a number of things, I took it to mean that he tried to helped the soldiers develop strong hearts even while developing strong minds and bodies.

I had been concerned about what Charlie's spiritual condition might do in the army, but through the good chaplain God found a way to remind me that he keeps an eye on His flock, even if the individual sheep are still a little green. That was nice of Him, wasn't it?

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  1. A fine tradition; America has much to be proud of from it's Medics.

    Jason Taylor