Sunday, April 03, 2011

Jesus in Our Tank

In church today, it came to me that Jesus takes us where we go, and church is one place where we go to make sure we're on board with him.

When we're really riding on God's grace, and things are sailing along smoothly for us, it's kind of like riding from State College to Harrisburg in a nice new car. No problems, no traffic, smooth ride, pleasant scenery...we get there and we don't even think about how we got there.

Unfortunately, we can take the ride for granted. If we make that same trip in a 1976 Ford Pinto, we'd be thinking about the car all the way, every mile afraid of what might break and send us to the side of the road in a puff of smoke.

At church we take care of our ride. Sometimes we're just  in for a gas-and-go, when the praise and worship is all we need to charge back out and get on with the week.  Sometimes we're a little more subdued, and we take care to wash and wax our relationship with Christ with a little soul-searching. Other times we need to pull in for maintenance, to repent of some part of our relationship that broke down during our negligence during the week. And sometimes church is like a day at the Ford Engineering College, examining the science of every nut and bolt to make sure we understand what makes the car go, and can explain it to others.

Some churches are like quick marts, mainly focusing on dispensing the gas. Others are like garages, and still others are like engineering college. People tend to gravitate to the type of church that best fits their personality, and sometimes they change churches when their needs change.

I'm blessed...our church is all rolled into one. Rock star praise band, love technician congregation, and a pastor that teaches the Bible like Einstein taught physics. Great place to pull into on Sunday.

After that, my week is like taking that drive in a mint '65 Corvette; smooth, fast, and tight on the turns. No way I'll take Jesus for granted when the ride is this cool.

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  1. Funny, I've never changed churches in my life.

    Jason Taylor